Rodaways of ww1-2

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Reply tonyrod
5:47 AM on November 10, 2017 

hi Robin, great to make contact with you, you can with pleasure have all  the records I have on Charlie,and Alfred,   and the story on his most tresured  posession, enough to bring a tear ,  there are a good few WILLIAMS in the family ,  and more time needed to let you know more, as you know its going to be a very busy weekend, SO I will get to it on Monday, ,   I will email you ,regards Tony

Reply Robin Mays
4:24 AM on November 10, 2017 

Hi Tony

I am the grandson of 2648 C W Rodaway MM, and would be very grateful for copies of any documents you may have regarding him or Alfred.

Charlie was running a farm in Canada when he volunteered for Strathcona's Horse and came over to fight. They were assigned an infantry role, and he was wounded at Festubert and in a couple of other engagements (he very rarely talked about it), including being gassed, and he was awarded his MM.

As he was no longer fit for active service, the army logically made him a Physical Training Instructor for a while! After the war he returned to Canada but was unable to manage the farm, so returned to London where he found work as a stevedore in the docks. His most treasured posession was not his MM, but a small gold medal given him by the family of a wounded man he had dragged back from no man's land.

Alfred was reputed to have been involved in secret submarine trials, but all contact with him was lost. It is interesting to see that he lists Diver as one of his trades on his Attestation papers.

We have always thought that William was killed at Ypres, but this seems to have been another William, also from London...bit confusing that one...

Best regards


Reply tonyrod
7:19 AM on August 24, 2017 

hi Leif, no problem, I will get my pal in New South Wales Australia Rick SMALLMAN to sort out the photos, we both research the  

HMS Prins Albert. I will send to your email , kind regards  Tony Rodaway

Reply Leif Steinholt
5:19 AM on August 24, 2017 

Hello! I am a Norwegian journalist working on a story that includes the ship HMS Prins Albert when it was in action in Lofoten in December 1941. Now I wonder if it is OK that I use a picture of the ship from your website, and if so, you can send it to me in a quality that looks good on print. Of course you will get credit as source. But what about the copyrights?

Yours sincerely, Leif Steinholt

Reply tonyrod
2:59 AM on August 22, 2017 

HI lANCE, thank you for posting if you want to email me with the information, I will be happy to post it on this site, and  on  regards Tony

Reply Lance Smallshaw
6:02 PM on August 21, 2017 

Dear Tony

Many thanks, lovely to see my Greta Uncles James and George Smallshaw on your site. This week, 24th August 2017 will be 100 yrs since George was KIA and memorilized here in Belgium.

I have lots of information about them and their other brothers and familes.

As they say here in Belgium for doing this Chapeau !!!


Reply tonyrod
3:12 AM on October 5, 2016 
Mick, they earned it ,its the only way I can repay them ,
Reply Mick Booth
4:10 PM on October 4, 2016 
This is a awesome tribute too those who served and I am so proud of my Great Grandfather's and my Great uncles that are mentioned never forgotten may they all rest in peace
Reply tonyrod
3:26 AM on May 2, 2016 
hi Phil,that was told to me by, by one of the crew, I think Bob Bull, but no evidence to support it, i will however try to research Richard a little more,and get back to you if I find anything, regards Tony
Reply Phil Eyden
11:56 AM on May 1, 2016 
Hi Tony. I am researching the role that Prins Albert played in clandestine operations, particularly that of the Operation Abercrombie 'Boulogne Raid' under Lord Lovat. Prins Albert supplied the ALCs that were then towed to Dover on the 18th April 1942. Two men drowned on the 19th April in the first attempt at the operation halfway across the Channel when an ALC got swamped. I am trying to identify them but am having some trouble. One could very well be Able Seaman Richard Widdicombe as he was a member of the crew who died that day, his body not being recovered. Do you have any information on him? However, you have stated that he died being transferred from shore to the ship, but I wonder if I could enquire as to the source. Many, many thanks. Phil
Reply tonyrod
2:01 PM on April 28, 2016 
emailed you Emlyn,
Reply Emlyn
12:28 PM on April 28, 2016 
Thanks Tony, this is a starting point.
Reply tonyrod
12:09 PM on April 28, 2016 
HI Arthur, I will have to go threw my records, but I do know Henry my 2nd GREAT Grandfather is buried in West Derby Cemetery , I do know the Headstone was laid flat and the names are on the underside, I will email you with any other information I can find, , regards Tony
Reply Arthur Emlyn Williams
9:45 AM on April 28, 2016 
In your "Pals of ours" you mention Henry Rodaway, my maternal Great Grandfather, living with His daughter Emily and her husband James Hopley Harold towards the end of his life. I am trying to trace the graves of Emily and James, which may also be Henry's grave. I would be grateful if you have any information as to the location. it was stated that the grave was owned by my mother, Edith may.
Reply tonyrod
6:55 AM on February 26, 2016 
many thanks Mary, if I can help you with any military searches let me know.,