Rodaways of ww1-2

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                Date of Death: 03/05/1917 at BULLECOURT    

                King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
                2nd/5th Bn. 
                Panel Reference: Bay 7.
                                                                        ARRAS MEMORIAL                                                                                                                                                        

 In early May the 62nd Div, in which the 2/5th KOYLI were a part of the 187th Bde, attacked the
Hindenburg line. In conjunction with the 1st ANZAC Corps. The village of Bullecourt was the objective
of the 185th Bde, with the 186th Bde on the left and the 187th Bde on the left of the 186th Bde.
The 187th Bde objective was the first and second line trenches of the Hindenburg line from
U.21a41 to U.20b 52 and from U.21.a.86 to U.20b 87 (Ref 51B SW)
The 187th Bde attack was to be on a two battalion front. On the right the 2/4th York & Lancs was to punch a hole in the Hindenburg line by taking the first and second line trenches. On their left the 2/5th York & Lancs were also to capture the first two lines plus communication trenches linking the lines on the extreme left of the Brigades frontage. When the 2/4th Y&L had secured their lines, the
2/5th KOYLI plus A & B Companies of the 2/4th KOYLI were to pass through and attack a trench approx 800 yards further on. While consolidating this line which ran along a country track from Reincourt to Fontaine, the KOYLI was also to establish a defensive left flank running back to the 2/5th Y&L trench block.                                                           
 photo MICK HAIGH , spreading his Mothers ashes  in the field they died in. Great grandson of 
William,  whom I took to show the area William died  along with 121 Yorkshire Light  Infantry listed  that day ,

                                        WILLIAM  on the left of the Keeper

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